The AUB Botanic Garden, of the American University of Beirut, is hosting an International Student Design Competition to seek ideas for the rehabilitation of the Ada Dodge garden.

Ada Dodge Garden: Site Description

Photo taken by Jala Makhzoumi
ada dodgegarden northsign
University Basemap by the FPDU of AUB

Ada Dodge Garden is located in AUB’s upper campus, right front of the Ada Dodge Hall, where the student cafeteria, bookstore, and post office are located. It is surrounded by many important buildings;

  • Jafet Library: where students mainly go to for studying
  • College Hall: where all administrative services are located
  • Main Gate: the main entrance to the university’s campus
  • Ada Dodge Hall: where students go for the cafeteria, post office, and bookstore
  • West Hall: a prominent location for classes and workshops
  • Marquant House: the AUB president’s house (private residence)

Due to the steep topography, the garden overlooks the middle, lower part of the campus, and even the Mediterranean sea. As a result, it serves as a great seating area and important meeting place for students waiting for their classes or having lunch after getting food from the cafeteria.

Diagram by Jala Makhzoumi
Ada Dodge Garden_5 photo
Photo taken by Jala Makhzoumi

To know more about the university in which the site is located in, please click the AUB & Masterplan found in the navigation bar, or you can access it through here.

Submission Requirements

All entries must be delivered in English and must be anonymous. Participants should submit the following documents:

  1. A PDF form with the team leaders’ name, team members’ names, title of the project, and a referenced code.
    A summary of the design analysis and concept no longer than 200 words. This document has to be saved as Pdf and has to be anonymous with indication of the code
  2. The Submission may consist of still images (drawings, photographs, etc) and/or text, but must not contain animation, video, or sound.
  3. Use color profiles and fonts that are optimized for web-viewing.
  4. Two A1 panels which should include:
  • General analysis of the garden area in relation to its context;
  • Design strategy
  • Landscape design, at appropriate scale, of the garden.
  • Description of materials, hard and soft-scape.

No paper or hardcopy submission will be accepted


The work can be an individual or team effort, and the proposal must be submitted knowing that:

  • AUB is a botanical garden
  • The area should continue to act as social hub for the student community
  • There is an efficient use of existing natural and cultural resources

Team diversity is not required, but encouraged; having different education backgrounds like architecture, urban planning, design (industrial, graphic, etc.), landscape architecture… and so on.


To participate in the competition, please fill in the form below and click on submit, then proceed to the payment page by clicking on the Payment Page below. Please make sure to input the same email address in the form as in the billing contact information so we can know you have successfully registered.

Once you have completed your registration, we will send you a code as proof of your registration. After the deadline of registration (April 8th), we will send you further details and work material to help you along the way. Please include the code on your final sheet when you submit your design to the university. If you have any questions about this please use the contact form in the navigation bar or send it directly to

Note: Please keep in mind that the fee can only be accepted through Visa or MasterCard.

(Registration is now officially closed)

Registered Teams

When registration period is over, all registered teams will have been emailed a code and a sharelink to a drop box they may access and download detailed files containing the garden site analysis and Autocad files.


One week before the deadline of the design competition, we will be sending all registered students a link to a public drop box they may use once they’re ready to submit.

Prize List

  • 1st Prize: $2,000
  • 2nd Prize: $1,500
  • 3rd Prize: $1000

Prizes will be distributed to the winners after the yearly AUB Botanic Garden Spring Event on May 22nd has ended. Please give us a maximum of 4 weeks time to get to all of the prize winners. We thank you in advance for your patience.


APRIL 8th 13th                            Deadline for Registration (extended to April 13th)

APRIL 22nd                                  Deadline For sending in questions

APRIL 30th                                   Deadline for answering your questions

JUNE 3rd                                       Deadline for Submissions

JUNE 21st                                      Date of the formal public Announcement of the WINNERS and AWARDS CEREMONY

AUB Botanic Garden; AUBotanic

The Aubotanic committee is the organizer of this competition. If you like to know more about us, click on the “About Aubotanic” located in the navigation bar.

Competition Dossier PDF

To get further details on the competition, please refer to this PDF.

AUB Botanical – Competition